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Skin Rash Treatment

Seek Medical Help If You have a Skin Rash

Dermatologists see patients with skin rashes. Please read on to discover the importance of visiting a dermatologist for your skin rash and make your appointment.

When To See a Dermatologist

The appropriate treatment is ordered as soon as the doctor determines the type and cause of your rash.

  • Rule out skin cancer
  • Childhood diseases like measles and chicken pox
  • Skin pain and tenderness
  • Rash is spreading
  • Fever is present
  • Fluid is oozing from the rash

Types of Skin Rashes

Over twenty kinds of skin rashes plague children and adults. These rashes can be temporary and minor or chronic. It takes a doctor's expertise to determine your skin rash and the appropriate treatment.

Causes of Rashes

Heat, medication, eczema, cold temperatures, infections, allergens, and immune system disorders are the most common rash causes.

Symptoms of Rashes

  • When the rash covers most of the body, it may indicate an infection or a reaction to an internal or external allergen.
  • Do you have a fever along with a rash?
  • Pain can also accompany a rash, such as seen in shingles.
  • If blisters develop.
  • If the rash is purple.
  • If there are red or purple spots developing under the skin.
  • If the skin is yellowish or darkening in color.
  • If a poisonous insect bites you.

Treatment Options

Options can be self-treating or may require immediate treatment by the doctor. The standard treatment options include stress reduction, avoiding chemicals, and irritating clothing materials, soaps, solvents, and detergents.

Moisturize the skin often according to the doctor's recommendations.

Avoid sudden exposure to hot or cold temperatures.

Avoid overheating the body.

Call Our Dermatologist Today

Schedule an appointment today. Please allow our experienced dermatologists to determine what kind of rash you have and the best possible treatment available.

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